website ranking by traffic

website ranking by traffic & 9 Tips to Drive Internet Traffic To Your Website Which You Can’t affort to Overlook

website ranking by traffic : You have found out an internet site with very useful information that you simply think it’ll benefit your visitors. Day to days, you retain update the newest information and publishing articles; hoping people will visit your website and located your useful information. But day in outing you check your website traffic stats, there are not any one comment and your website has very low impressions.

Why it’s like that? There reason is nobody knows your website. There are thousand of many website on internet, you set your website on internet but who will know your website if you not announce it. Yes, you would like to drive the traffic to your website, but how?

Here are 10 tips in no particular order of importance, that you simply can start doing now to urge traffic moving to your website.

1. Submit or Add Your Site to Major Search Engines Search engines

submission will increase your Page Ranking and when your website is ranked during a high ranking positions, your website are going to be easily searched and seen by internet users if your pages are meeting their relevant search keyword. 

specialise in major search engines like Yahoo, Google and MSN. Don’t use the free submission service or fee submission which can undergo many search engines because those services might hurt your page ranking as many has banned by major search engines like Yahoo and Google.

website ranking by traffic

2. Pay-per-click (CPC) Marketing

If you marketing budget is sufficient, you’ll use Pay-per-click (CPC) marketing service provided by Google (Google Adwords) & Yahoo. CPC is one among very effective thanks to drive traffic to your website.

3. Audio Postcard for email marketing

Internet has been for a brief time but it’s skilled various revolutions, today, silence web now can start talking and assist you to market your website. is one among leader in providing integrated human voice audio clip which you’ll be added to your website and email.

Because the human voice has the facility to influence, motivate, and persuade prospects to click “Order Now” buttons faster and with less resistance. also has audio postcard which may assist you drive significant traffic to your website. We had tried the audio postcard of to drive traffic to our website at, it a proven method.

4. Press Announcement

Making press announcement are often one among effective method of create backlinks to your website and it really help in your page ranking positions. Website like provide press announcement service, you’ll utilize it to drive traffic to your website.

5. Articles Submission

Articles submission to article bank is one among the simplest ways to show your website to the general public . There are many visitors drop in these sites to seem for related information and your articles could be among their search results.

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6. Trade Link Request & a method Incoming Links 

one among the search engines optimization is to possess as many as possible the incoming links to your website. you’ll request trade links or link exchanges with other webmaster.

 a method incoming link is other website link to yours without the necessity of you to link to them. If you website has useful information to other website, they probably will add a link to their website to link to yours. There many website which give one-way links service, but most of them are need monthly or year subscription fee.

website ranking by traffic

7. RSS Feed 

confirm you’ve got an RSS feed URL that folks can subscribe . The acronym RSS means Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication. it’s a document type that lists updates of internet sites or blogs available for syndication.

8. Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is differently of say “word-of-mouth”. On internet, “word-of-mouth” spread so fast thru email. The key to successful of viral marketing is to send something that folks want to share. which will be anything from a joke, joke or link to home-made video.

9. Blogs & Forums

Blogs & forums invite comments from readers and most of them will allow you to go away a link in your signature line. one among thanks to create backlinks and drive traffic to your website.

website ranking by traffic

Generate More Traffic To Your Website

One of the simplest ways to urge high traffic is to urge other sites to link to your site. you’ll do this by either getting reciprocal links or buying links.

Reciprocal linking is when both sites have each others links in their directory. this will become very expensive if you begin purchasing your links.

If your site has no or very less traffic then you’ll won’t have much luck doing reciprocal linking because you’ll get inferiority sites.

One other thanks to get high traffic is to submit your site in free directories like this may get some traffic to your site and improve your Google ranking.

Keep in mind to not just exchange links with any site because not all sites will does one good. don’t exchange links with any site that doesn’t equal or exceed your traffic. 

a really simple thanks to do this is to urge Google Toolbar and permit it’s Page Rank option. for instance if your site’s Google ranking is 2, you ought to not exchange link with any site with a lower ranking that yours.

By doing that you simply are only hurting yourself because there’s an opportunity a number of your members will leave your site. 

i like to recommend you create a touch list of minimum requirements that you simply should or anyone who wants to exchange links with you ought to follow.

If you’re getting to buy links

then don’t waste your money on dead sites. confine mind that any site with a Google Ranking of 4 shouldn’t be worth quite $10.00 U.S.D. per month. If it’s then don’t buy the link and easily advance . confirm once you are making your Ads, make text ads. Graphics/Image ads might attract people.

website ranking by traffic

but it’ll not get your Google ranking any higher. confirm once you are making your ad you are doing not put your site’s name.

write a touch description on your site. for instance if I make a billboard i will be able to write something like Free PR recources rather than

 confine mind that you simply don’t always need to buy ad spots from sites.

 you’ll always search for some spots in Google, yahoo, and other search engines.

Also don’t forget to form a Sitemap. Sitemaps are very useful to new visitors to your site and program sniffers. Sitemaps allow people to leap to the knowledge they have quickly.

Now, if you’ve got a forum

Now, if you’ve got a forum. a really great way to form your forum ‘look active’ is to shop for cheap forum posters. By making your forum look active will attract new members because people don’t want to hitch a dead forum. once they see the forum is active, they’re going to register and check out to suit in. you’ll get forum posters for rock bottom price.

Other very useful ways to urge high traffic is to submit your site in search engines. You don’t always need to pay, some search engines allow free submission like Google. you’ll also tell your friends or e-mail everyone on your contact list. This helps tons .

 a number of these people will come and a minimum of take a glance . Another excellent way is to place something very unique on your website. Like write a really unique article or very hard to seek out products on your site. When people will see these unique things they’re going to come and tell other about your site.

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