traffic travis review & Does It Really Work? Traffic Travis Free SEO And PPC Software

traffic travis review : Traffic Travis is a multi-functional SEO tool that sells itself, rather humbly, as ‘The Best SEO Management Tool’. The software gives tons of features for free of charge , and there’s also a ‘Pro’ version that gives a better level of insight and data for a one-off price of $97. Traffic Travis incorporates the subsequent useful SEO management tools:

Rank tracking
Competitor analysis
SEO audits
Keyword suggestion
Link profile analysis

As a multi-purpose tool, it packs tons of features into a free version.

 the sole caveat being that there are tons of limits on what proportion.

 you’ll do with the free version e.g. you’ll only track rankings for 30 keywords.

whereas the complete version offers tracking for unlimited keywords.

traffic travis review

Introducing about traffic travis review

For tons of individuals knowing which are the outs and which are the ins to be ready to optimize their websites.

 the simplest way possible to be ready to get a far better visibility in any program can end up to be a rather tedious and overwhelming task. additionally.

it could happen that for several people to try to to all this might be expensive.

especially all those people that have several personal sites, or maybe small companies.

For all those people that want to save lots of time and money by changing the visibility of their websites in any program .

then it’s advisable to look the web for a few free SEO tools to assist them with this task.

The only bad thing to possess of these free tools offered on the web is that the overwhelming majority of them are useless or too basic.

but people can always find a product within the ocean of products that are offered on the web which will save time and money from many of us .

There is a desktop-based software (which are often obtained in its free version or in its Pro version) which is on par with tons of paid software offered on the market today.

 what’s this product called? it’s called Traffic Travis, and it’s a tool which will help tons of individuals in order that their online businesses get a high position in any of the search engines that exist today.

What Is Traffic Travis review ?

It is free SEO software with knowledgeable , paid upgrade option available.

 you’ll get the free version here (and then upgrade later) otherwise you can just go straight to the professional edition here.

Above the SEO functionalities, there also are tools you’ll use to research available domain names and improve your PPC performance (as well as boost Adsense earnings)

It has been a mainstay of the SEO software game for variety of years now.

and literally many thousands of individuals have used it.

traffic travis review

What are you able to Do with It?

Whether you would like SEO health checks or quickly find the simplest link targets.

Traffic Travis review has it all. you’ll determine the slight flaws in your website, which are holding your rankings back in order that you’ll reform them. The competitor analysis features are amazing since you’ll get full overviews of your competitors to ascertain how they’re doing.

Track your competitors’ rankings and check out to enhance your own. you’ll also learn what to not neutralize certain circumstances. Traffic Travis will distribute keywords to use, which are ranked higher by analyzing the market.

The software also works as an overall monitoring system for your website’s program ranking. you’ll easily make your SEO journey easy with a touch help from Traffic Travis.

For more information click here to get free software

Features of traffic travis review

Detailed Reviews

In today’s internet era, a brand or business that falls in need of an efficient SEO campaign has little to no chance of progressing and surviving within the digital space. While manual execution of the campaign are often extremely risky thanks to expected delays and errors.

the automation of an equivalent can overcome all the restrictions and risks related to the previous .

However, if you’re a beginner, you’ll need a basic SEO automation software to automate boring and repetitive tasks. this is often precisely the reason to settle on Traffic Travis. The software seems to be designed exclusively by keeping simplicity in mind.

Traffic Travis can help to spice up the traffic to your site by making it rank higher in SERPs or program Result Pages. If you’re a newbie to SEO or are uninterested in wearisome manual SEO, Traffic Travis are often your ideal rescuer.

traffic travis review


Traffic Travis is out there in two editions: Free and Professional. The free edition offers five projects for every site who data for analysis comes abreast of dashboard in only one click.

supports 500 keywords, reviews 50 top ranking sites, and suggests variations for up to 200 keywords.

If you would like more variations, top ranking sites, unlimited projects also as keyword searches, competitor analysis benefit.

and report printing also as publishing ability, the Professional edition is right also as affordable.

Keyword Research

This is one ability that Traffic Travis is widely admired. In fact, it’s mentioned as a keyword research tool.

 because it allows checking out keywords and retrieving most related keywords along side monthly Google search volume. you’ll even search within different regional Google sites, Microsoft’s program , also as Yahoo.

All you’ve got to try to to is enter a stimulating keyword after which the tool retrieves up to 2,000 variations associated with your keyword. 

you’ll consider saving also as sorting the retrieved keywords for taking quick decisions. The searchable databases are updated constantly, the knowledge of which is shared through their blog posts. Latest additions include Google Namibia and Yahoo Malaysia.

Tracking and Reporting

The tool quickly tracks your website’s performance for a specified set of keywords. you simply got to submit your site’s URL along side the keywords to be tracked. Consequently, you’ll see where all stands in any program of your choice.

The tool also generates an in depth report that helps you in making decisions for enhancing your site’s rank within the search results.

Useful information like links, titles, meta tags, page ranking, traffic ranks, header, and even top keywords are included within the report. Such a report shows how well your SEO efforts are being rewarded.

For any given phrase or keyword, you’ll obtain the highest sites during the SEO analysis. aside from that.

 you’ll obtain backlinks, page rank, and other details.

PPC Research

Traffic Travis also comes with the PPC research feature for scanning your provided keywords and retrieving the amount of ads for them.

It also reveals the highest sites for a specific keyword. you’ll even expect an assessment of the Google AdWords ads relevant for your competition.

 to understand which ads do well and what’s their position on the adverts. In short, this feature shows the keywords to be used for increasing your income.

Competitor Analysis

These features come up with a profound analysis of mentioned keywords, which reflects the Google PageRank.

sites ranking higher for those phrases, and inbound links pointing at those sites. 

once you can see how other sites are during a better position than your site, you’ll plan a technique for outshining them.

Who is it for?

Traffic Travis is recommended all around the world for newbies and intermediate affiliate marketers and search engine marketing. If you’ve just gotten into the industry, the chances are that you are looking to cut costs on such tools.

So a free software that will provide you with the most value is truly essential. You can use the features a few times to try them out and see how they’re working for your website. 

Once you’ve decided that this is the one you want, you can go in and invest in the premium version. The Premium version of Traffic Travis won’t restrict your uses.

and you can use the features for an unlimited amount of times.

If for some reason you don’t like the premium features, you can ask for a full refund in sixty days. With a price tag of $97$, this one is certainly recommended.

traffic travis review

How Much Will it Cost You?

SEO management tools certainly don’t come cheap. But their prices can always be justified as they provide you numerous features which eventually improve your website over time. Traffic Travis are often called the most cost effective option if you are looking for a gateway into SEM.

You will get all the standard features without paying a dime. But the free version will restrict your uses so you cannot use the features many times. to urge the professional version.

 you’ve got to dish out $97. This is a onetime payment, and you will not need to pay any longer after this. So, this is often truly a reasonably sick deal if you inquire from me .

Traffic Travis Review 2020 – Conclusion

Traffic Travis has, by far, one among the foremost impressive free SEO softwares within the market today. While it’s going to lack some features, and impose limitations.

 the very fact that it costs absolutely nothing while being functional enough for actual.

everyday use is sort of a feat that not many can claim to.

There is also a professional version that gives a more robust package. it’s quite affordable too.

compared to other Pro versions from competing companies. If you would like an easy solution to your SEO woes, Traffic Travis is certainly one to see out.

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