technical seo factors

technical seo factors | Basic SEO Factors to Consider for Good Ranking

technical seo factors : Search engine optimization or SEO in simple terms are often defined as using techniques of creating the websites duly visible to customers/clients on program result pages or SERPs like Google, Yahoo, and Bing etc. the web site that’s visible within the primary pages of Google’s program stands to urge a greater opportunity with a possible customer or client finding the concerned website and should become a consumer or client of the concerned organization/entrepreneurs which will cause growth within the business of the organization.

It is not very easy for websites to be always on the primary pages of the program page as Google constantly changes their algorithm that’s causing the web site owners to be more attentive towards their ranking in search engines. In spite of those changes, Google believes in laying some principle SEO factors that each website must adhere to ascertain improved ranking that impact the website’s visibility. the subsequent four SEO factors that ought to be imbibed by the web site or SEO service provider providing SEO services to their client websites include:

technical seo factors

1. Technical factors: 

the web site should be technically viable for getting the great ranking within the program results page. meaning that the concerned website must be as per the coding factors related with W3C standards and must have H1, H2 tags, alt tags on images, specialise in key words, Meta tag descriptions etc. Any website that’s created should have title, solid description, images with alt tags and Meta description that accurately describes the page.

2. Quality Content:

Content readable by the web site users is recommendable. With the introduction of Panda, Google’s algorithms are filtering all the spam out and content full of key words. the web site owners should provide content keeping in mind the audience or their clients or customers.

technical seo factors

3. Good Back Links:

A back link are often defined because the other website linking back to at least one of the articles, or host website. Earlier, websites, which had the foremost websites linking to them, would rank at the highest of the program . However, with the new penguin algorithm rules, websites that had thousands of poor links pointing to them are penalized. Therefore, the concerned website must avoid building links with websites or website that have low ranking or that has content not related with the host website.

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4. Integration with social media:

With Google laying importance to social media than within the past, it’s now become pertinent to possess a Google+ page and integrating it with the web site that successively improves the SEO. When creating a page, it’s important to possess social media share buttons thereon that helps in getting good ranking.

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