search engine optimization on google

search engine optimization on google & 5 Secret Ways To Improve Search Engine Optimization On Google

search engine optimization on google : How does one rank #1 on Google? This question has been on the minds of business owners, executives and marketing professionals since Google became the amount one program in September of 2009.

So you understand the scope and scale of Google, they’re the foremost used website within the world, with a mean of half the whole Internet community visiting a day . That’s about 800 million unique users monthly .

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is very necessary in order to prevent your website from getting lost in the plethora of websites. There are more than 2 billion websites on Internet and any keyword returns a million of search results on Google.

So, if you want any traffic to be directed on your website from Google you need to make your website displayed in top search results. Being among the top 10 website searched with your keyword is not an easy task but it is not impossible.

Combine that with Google’s acquisition of YouTube, which gets one hour of video uploaded every second. That’s sixty hours a moment . In 2011, YouTube had quite one TRILLION views. That’s nearly 140 views for each person on Earth.

Unfortunately, in an attempt to guard the standard of their search results from manipulation by “black hat” SEO practitioners, Google has never publicly divulged the specifics of its most vital ranking factors. This lack of transparency serves a really important purpose.

Without keeping things covert , honest “white hat” SEO tactics would quickly be overrun by dishonest practices. Just imagine the standard of search results degrading within the same way your inbox has over the years—in no time in the least your program results would be 90% garbage.

search engine optimization on google

Still, over the years, marketing experts are ready to reverse engineer Google’s algorithms to some extent and determine the foremost important ranking factors.

Here are the tactics you ought to be that specialize in if you would like to rank on the primary page.

Inbound links

The more links back to your website from other sites, the upper you’re getting to rank. this will be tricky to implement and this is often where many SEO consultants employ “black hat” tactics.

JCPenny recently was snagged and in 4 hours dropped from first for “dresses” to 68. One good way to secure valid back links is to guest blog for various , industry sites. In each guest blog post, include a suggestion and a link back to your site. The more you are doing this, the more links you get, the upper you get up on Google.

Domain trust/authority

This has got to do with the extent of respect each back-linking site commands. So, for example: a link from goes to be more relevant and have more authority than a link from

One highly effective method for getting links on respected sites is by distributing an SEO optimized handout on the news agency . For a couple of hundred dollars, this tactic guarantees links back to your site on major websites like Yahoo! Finance,, and more.

search engine optimization on google

Keyword optimized content

This isn’t a replacement idea, but to revive it with attention on strategy.

 it is important BEFORE you begin doing all of your new website that you simply know what keywords and keyword phrases you would like to be ranked for. Why? Because you’ve got to write down copy that has your keywords. Google states there’s no optimal keyword density. 

this suggests that your pages need to include keywords within the copy, within the headings, as tags on the pictures (and so on) but that those keywords should be utilized in a natural way. 

quite likely this suggests one to 3 times per page. More could also be considered keyword stuffing and may actually hurt your rankings. confirm the copy reads naturally. 

this is often a critical component of getting ranked and getting ranked for the proper set of keywords.

Social signals

Google goes social a bit like everyone else and their latest Penguin update features a piece that’s optimizing your content supported social shares, likes, follows, and views. 

this suggests you want to integrate social media into your overall marketing strategy. Everything you publish must be distributed via the acceptable social sites if you would like to enhance your rankings.

search engine optimization on google

Freshness of content

Also a part of the newest update, Google is rewarding sites that update their content regularly. 

one among the simplest ways to try to to this is often with a blog. Every new blog post may be a new indexable page, hopefully including your keywords. As a result, the more you blog, the fresher your content and therefore the higher your rankings.

Put this all at once and you’ve got a really effective ranking improvement program that generates real results. Better yet, you don’t need an upscale SEO consultant to try to to any of this.

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