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rank website alexa | Alexa traffic rank | what it is and why you should care (or not)

rank website alexa : Alexa is an Amazon owned company that’s famous for its public traffic ranking service via its alexa.com website. Website promotion guides often make an enormous deal about the way to improve your Alexa ranking because a top position is usually related to high profits. As a replacement webmaster, you want to understand a couple of vital points about Alexas service. this text will explain what the info collected by Alexa mean then describe why you ought to care or not.

There are three numbers that Alexa reports, reach, page views and overall rank. Reach refers to the share of all web users that visited your site. Alexa reports this number as reach per million users. for instance if Alexa reports a reach of 1 , it means on the average out of 1 million web surfers one visits your site.

rank website alexa

Page views simply

Page views simply measures the typical number of pages a surfer examines when at your website. Those sites with tons of content and targeted visitors tend to get a bigger number of page views. the general Alexa rank may be a combination of the reach and page views numbers such the larger both of them are the lower the sites rank will be; for Alexa, a smaller rank indicates a more important website. Alexa reports these numbers for every day, one week and three month averages and therefore the overall change over a 3 month period. So, how does Alexa gather these data?

On a day to day , Alexa collects statistics about the amount of tourists and page views for each website on the web . Actually, it doesn’t have data for all the sites. You see, data collection happens via web surfers that have downloaded and installed the Alexa toolbar for his or her Internet Explorer browser. When one among these users visits and explores a site, the toolbar sends this information to Alexas servers.

rank website alexa

What this suggests for webmasters

What this suggests for webmasters is that only those sites visited by users that have decided to put in the toolbar will even have data collected for them. additionally , since only a rather small subset of all possible Web surfers actually uses the toolbar, the ranking may be a statistical average that’s not necessarily a real indication of the standard and number of a sites readers. In fact, the amount is basically inaccurate for sites with alittle number of tourists and Alexa admits that this is often true for those sites not within the top 100,000.

To make matters worse, the toolbar is merely available for Internet Explorer. Of course, IE is that the browser employed by the bulk of Internet users with data showing that it’s employed by about 83% of them (onestat.com). this is often not a drag unless your audience is more likely to be within the other 17% of surfers, i.e., people who like better to use Firefox, Safari, Opera or another alternative browser. for instance , slashdot.org may be a technology news site with an audience that’s known to be very anti-Microsoft; Slashdots motto is News for nerds. Stuff that matters.

rank website alexa

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One expects

One expects that the majority of its users would use any browser aside from IE and actually it had been recently posted that an estimated 65% of Slashdots readers use a browser aside from IE. As of this writing (July 12, 2006), Slashdots ranking was 176 with a reach of 5450 per million surfers.

Slashdot is understood for something called the Slashdot effect that’s when a story on the front page links to a site, it receives numerous visitors that the servers often aren’t ready to handle the explosion in traffic. In other words, i might expect that Alexas rank is really an underestimate of Slashdots true rank.

From a statistics point of view

From a statistics point of view, Alexas rank can’t be thought of as an unbiased statistical measure. The sample of individuals employed by Alexa for collecting data isn’t a randomly selected set but rather it’s biased towards users of Microsoft Windows and Internet Explorer also as those that are willing to put in the toolbar and undergo Alexa information about their browsing behavior.

If your audience is analogous to Slashdots then dont expect accurate results. Anticipate an equivalent if your audience includes people that are pro-privacy and would never install a toolbar that calls home making their browsing behavior known to an outsized corporation.

So, if you actually want accuracy in terms of your sites number of users and page views then you’re more happy using analytics software, for instance Google Analytics, instead of Alexa. However, many advertisers use Alexas ranking as a neutral third party estimate of a sites popularity.

consult Alexa

they consult Alexa so as to work out what proportion advertising space is worth on your site. this is often the rationale why many webmasters display their Alexa rank on the front page. If you happen to get on the upper end of Alexas ranking then you ought to be ready to enjoy it; if you’re not then you almost certainly shouldnt lose an excessive amount of stay over it. specialise in adding fresh content to your site; this manner you’ll be ready to drive more traffic to your site via the main search engines and also keep your visitors returning .

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