rank of website in google & How and when should I submit my website to Google?

rank of website in google : How and when should I submit my website to Google? As soon as you register your name , submit it to Google! Even if you have not built your site, or written an copy, or maybe considered your content, submit your name to Google. In fact, albeit you havent fully articulated your business plan and marketing plan, submit your name to Google.

Dont wait!

There are two reasons for this. Firstly, aged the search engines has always taken an extended time for a replacement site. Even assuming you are doing everything right, it takes months before your site is even indexed, and more months before it starts to rank well. As a rule of thumb, never expect to rank highly within 6 months of submitting your site to Google.

The second reason may be a recent phenomenon called Google Sandbox. Many SEO experts believe that Google sandboxes new websites. Whenever it detects a replacement website, it withholds its rightful ranking for a period while it determines whether your site may be a genuine, credible, future site.

It does this to discourage the creation of SPAM websites (sites which serve no useful purpose aside from to spice up the ranking of another site).

By submitting your name to Google as soon as you register it, youre establishing a site history albeit the location has no content. By the time youve built your site, written your copy, and developed the remainder of your content (and written your business and marketing plans), Google will probably see no got to sandbox you.

If you wait until launch day to submit your site, youll spend a month or two (maybe more) sitting within the sandbox watching potential customers spend their money elsewhere.

rank of website in google

How to submit your site to Google

Dont waste money by paying somebody else to submit your site to Google. Its easy! Simply attend http://www.google.com.au/addurl.html, enter your URL (domain name) and a couple of comments or keywords to explain your site. Then click Submit. Thats all there’s thereto . you simply need to roll in the hay once, and just for your top level page (i.e. Home page).

Googles robots will then crawl your website subsequent time theyre out and about. Of course, they dont guarantee that youll be included in their results.

IMPORTANT: As mentioned above, it takes quite while for your site to seem within the search engines. this is often partly because the search engines are big and slow especially when it involves new sites. it’ll take a minimum of 6-8 weeks before your site is indexed.

How to submit your site to other search engines

There are many search engines on the web . Its a lucrative business, after all! But dont panic; studies suggest that the highest 11 search engines account for about 90% of web traffic. In other words, if you’ve got the highest 11 covered, theres no got to undergo the remainder .

Whats more, at the time of writing, most of the highest 11 dont actually accept submissions. the sole ones that do are Google (described above), Yahoo, and MSN. Heres an inventory of the available submit pages.

Yahoo http://search.yahoo.com/info/submit.html (offers free submission)
MSN http://search.msn.com/docs/submit.aspx?FORM=WSDD2 (offers free submission)
Alta Vista covered by Yahoo submission
Netscape covered by Google submission
Fast / All the online covered by Yahoo submission
Ask Jeeves / Teoma at date of writing wasn’t accepting new submissions
Hotbot at date of writing wasn’t accepting new submissions
Lycos at date of writing wasn’t accepting new submissions
AOL at date of writing wasn’t accepting new submissions
Looksmart at date of writing wasn’t accepting new submissions

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without a dollar being spent on program submission. I only ever submitted my site to the engines that provide free submission.

rank of website in google

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Do i want to submit my site to other search engines?

As a rule, no. With an estimated 8.8 billion pages indexed (approximately 76% of the Internet), Google is no 1 when it involves search engines. Its argued that when Google has indexed your site, the opposite search engines will follow. Theoretically, you dont really need to submit your site to Google either because its always on the lookout for brand spanking new content and can eventually find your site of its own accord.

Google actually states, Given the massive number of web sites submitting URLs.

it’s likely your pages are going to be found in an automatic crawl before they create it into our index through the URL submission form. (Google Information for Webmasters – http://www.google.com.au/webmasters/1.html#A1) Personally, I wouldnt wish to take the danger .)

Having said that, it certainly doesnt hurt to submit your site to other search engines (especially if you havent developed any content for it yet).

rank of website in google


You dont got to be an SEO expert or an SEO copywriter to submit your site to Google and therefore the other search engines. And you dont got to pay anything to try to to it. you only got to roll in the hay . And if your name is new, you would like to try to to it NOW!

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