how to get first page google & How do I get a top ten position on Google?

how to get first page google : The positions in Google are decided by a special formula called Page Rank. If you’re trying to urge more traffic to your website or sell more products then it might be useful to be within the Google top ten for your keywords, yes?

To do this you’re likely to wish to understand a touch bit about how Page Rank works. are you able to imagine how useful it might be to understand what Google looks for during a top ten results then do it?

Basically, the way Page Rank works is that each time an internet site links to yours it’s counted as a vote for your website. The more unique links to your website, the more likely you’re to urge a better result and therefore the more free traffic you’ll get.

The twist is that websites with a better Page Rank have votes that count for more. If suddenly linked to your website you’ll find that your Page Rank suddenly went up and your program position with it.

Of course, this is often unlikely, so how can we realistically increase our page ranks?

how to get first page google

The first step

The first step is one among habit. If you often post on blogs, or comments on them, or on forums then include your link with every post. Put it in your “signature” if the bulletin board allows this feature.

The second step

The second step may be a little more active. Link exchanges are a really great way to extend PageRank. you discover a likeminded website and get in touch with the webmaster by email. offer to place a link to his website on yours if he does an equivalent for you.

You found out a page on your website called “Links” which are going to be where you set all of your links to other websites. repeat this with other like-minded websites for free of charge and straightforward traffic.

Any directories of internet sites like yours or maybe websites generally should have your link on them. Articles also are an honest way of getting your link onto other websites as I even have discussed in other articles.

If you’ll provide the other service for webmasters that permits you to place something on their website plus your link then do this . I once heard of a person who invented an automatic “quote of the day” script to place on websites and made his money that way.

Avoid “FFA”s or link “Free For Alls” in the least costs because they’re a waste of your time and/or money. These are websites that ostensibly allow you to extend your Page Rank by placing your link there (either for free of charge or alittle charge).

how to get first page google

However, search engines like Google

However, search engines like Google don’t check just the quantity of links resulting in your website but the relevancy. Therefore FFA sites with bundles of irrelevant links usually have low page ranks then their link to you is worth little or no .

Use of FFAs may go to extend your page rank but it’s definitely working very hard for small rewards and that i don’t recommend it.

Sometimes banner exchanges are an honest idea but that needs that you simply attend the trouble to style a banner. this will be finished free but the visual affect is never stunning. Usually to urge an honest , traffic-pulling banner you’ve got to rent someone to style one for you then this system has its financial downfalls also.

Why is the First Page of Google so Important?

Google is the all-powerful. It crawls the web, determining which pages are the most useful and relevant for its users for virtually any topic. We don’t just trust Google’s results, we rely on them—to make decisions throughout the day for every aspect of our lives. With such immense power and influence.

getting your small business on the first page of Google might seem unrealistic.

However, it this very power Google holds that makes it more possible than ever to get on the first page of Google results.

how to get first page google

SEO – How To Get A Top Ranking In Google

Its a dream come true for a webmasters site to appear at the top of Googles search results, especially if the website is actually selling a product or service. In a competitive industry this would mean that the orders would start rolling in with such a force that the business would grow incredibly quickly. Is it all just a dream? NO!

Ive done it for hundreds of businesses and you can do it for yourself too.

The first and foremost task when trying to get your site to the top of Google is to start link building, not just any old link building but having your keywords included in your anchor.

Anchor links are when the links are actually clickable, if for example you were selling green buttons the link would not be a www link. It would actually say green buttons.

The next step

The next step is choosing the correct keyword phrases for your site. Now most people want to be on the first page of Google for a one word phrase like Buttons. However, if you only sold buttons made of silver.

it would be bringing you the wrong type of customer. It would be best to choose keyword phrases like Silver Buttons or Buttons made of Silver. This would bring you the right type of customer and it your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts would show results a lot quicker.

how to get first page google

Integrate the keyword phrases throughout your site with your best ones on your homepage. Without the keywords on your site, your site will not perform at all.

The next step is to actually go out and get some back links to your site.

be smart about whom you get links from, as websites that are relevant to your industry will have far more weight when it comes to giving you good results. Getting a few powerful links with a page rank of 6 or 7 will give you almost immediate results and I have personally seen websites make it onto the first page within a couple of days.

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