how to be expert in seo & 6 steps to Become an SEO Specialist?

how to be expert in seo : Do you want to find out the way to increase your traffic and achieve higher rankings for the keywords which will generate more sales and revenue for your website? Then you ought to learn everything there’s to understand about SEO and become an SEO Expert.

Having SEO expertise isn’t the only privilege of SEO professionals. It’s a skill which will be mastered by anyone wishing to find out the way to do SEO on their own.

I’ve been practicing SEO for the last 18 years and during this post, you’ll learn what steps you would like to follow to become an SEO expert.

how to be expert in seo

Advantages of becoming an expert on SEO

Increase your rankings and traffic – this is often the foremost obvious reason why someone should aim in becoming an expert in program optimization.

If you recognize the way to optimize your website for program s then you’ll cash in of the rise in rankings and search engine traffic to form money online or build a successful online business.

Less dependency on SEO agencies – i do know that this is often not what you expect to read within the blog of an SEO agency but that’s the reality . If you’ve got in-house SEO skills then you’ll grow your business without counting on external support.

Decrease costs – If you’re a solo entrepreneur or blogger you’ll save tons of cash if you’ll do SEO yourself than having to rent an SEO consultant.

Make better decisions like who to rent to figure on your SEO.

If you recognize SEO yourself then it’s much easier to make a decision which consultant or company to rent to figure on your SEO. you’ll be during a position to know what their SEO packages include and judge if what they’re suggesting can actually help your website achieve better rankings.

Highly recommended for Marketing managers – if you’re employed as a marketing manager then having an honest understanding of SEO will offer you an additional advantage over other marketing managers or colleagues in your organization.

No business can survive online without SEO – SEO is not any longer optional. Websites that aren’t built with SEO in mind, there’s no way they will survive within the highly competitive online World. Knowing SEO and the way to use it correctly, can make an enormous difference in your website’s future.

how to be expert in seo

How Do You Become an SEO Specialist?

Because the field of search engine optimization is so new, most people don’t learn SEO from a traditional 4-year college program.

(Although those do exist)

Here are the most common ways that people become SEO specialists:

Take an SEO course (or several SEO courses)

Learn SEO by optimizing their own website

Work at a marketing agency

Take on SEO clients

Get an online SEO certification or degree

Work as an “in house” SEO professional

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Four Main Types of SEO

There are four main types of SEO or search engine optimization.

all aimed at helping you earn greater visibility in search results. The main differences have to do with how closely SEO tactics align with Google guidelines and how that ultimately impacts your SEO efforts:

Black hat SEO

Black hat SEO will get you where you want to go faster. It usually costs less because you are taking shortcuts to the top by going against Google Guidelines. In fact, many black hat SEO tactics are specifically called out in the guidelines as things you should NOT do. As such, they carry the risk that your website and/or content will rank lower, be banned from search results, or demoted the next time Google updates its ranking algorithm. (More on that below.)

White hat SEO techniques

White hat SEO techniques adhere to Google Webmaster Guidelines but usually take longer and cost more to implement. White-hat SEO carries far less risk and tends to deliver lasting and compounding value over time. Most reputable SEO and content marketing companies use white hat SEO tools and techniques.

Grey hat SEO

Grey hat SEO falls somewhere in the middle as these tactics are not specifically called out in Google’s Guidelines. Be cautious taking this path as it is not safe to assume that just because a specific technique isn’t labeled or mentioned as being deceptive and one that will get you into trouble, that it will shield you from demotion or penalty.

Negative SEO

Negative SEO is the practice of implementing black or grey hat SEO techniques on someone else’s website with the intent of causing harm. Harming your competitors makes room for you to move up in search results.

how to be expert in seo

Examples of Black, White, Grey Hat and Negative SEO

It’s often useful to possess real world examples when something isn’t clear.

Examples of black hat SEO include:

keyword stuffing or hiding (e.g. white text on white background);
backlinks and citations that are purchased or bartered for vs earned;
doorway pages (lots of comparable pages only slightly different content);
cloaking (where different content is shown to human and program visitors);
thin content (where there’s not enough content on the page to be useful); and
private blog networks (where a gaggle of website owners comply with cross-link to at least one another for the only purpose of link building and boosting rankings).

Examples of white hat SEO include:

writing relevant, useful content that helps your search audience do what they have to do;
organizing the content on your site so as to assist people (and search engines) find what they’re trying to find faster;
promoting your content on social media so it earns exposure and links; and
soliciting the utilization of knowledge aggregators to accumulate local business citations.

Grey hat SEO involves:

using clickbait (content whose main purpose is to draw in attention and encourage visitors to click on a link to a specific website while not delivering value);
spun (reused and slightly altered) content;
prolific link exchanges; and
paying for reviews.
Negative SEO practices often specialise in building unnatural or undesirable links to a competitor’s website, stealing their content, posting negative reviews.

or hacking the location and modifying its content.

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