guest post on blogs & How To Approach A Blog Owner For Guest posting

guest post on blogs : Guest posting on popular blogs can assist you spread awareness also as assist you build up your reputation as someone with knowledge and authority. But first you would like to understand the simplest thanks to approach a blog owner together with your pitch. There are some pitfalls to avoid and a few ways to border your offer in order that they can not refuse.

The first thing you would like to try to to is send a private email. the private email must cover the subsequent points of fact.

guest post on blogs

1. Have a correct Salutation to the Owner of the Blog

You want them to understand that you simply know who they’re . Don’t write to ‘dear blog owner’ or another generic term. Do enough homework that you simply know who you’re writing to. In fact, if you recognize you’ll need to email a gatekeeper first, address the gatekeeper directly.

2. Introduce Yourself

Let them know who you’re and what your expertise is and the way it relates to their audience. They’ll want to know how you’ll help them, not how they will assist you .

3. Educate Them

Not almost you, but about what you recognize about them and their visitors. If they realize you recognize tons about their audience, it’ll impress upon them what proportion you’ll probably teach their audience.

4. Promise Originality

The days of writing one guest post and sending an equivalent post to most are over. Therefore, you ought to tell them that you’re going to write each post for them and only them.

5. Fill the Gaps

Every blog owner features a gap of content to fill. If you’ll identify that for the blogger, you will be ready to break in to blogging for them. If you are not sure, offer to guest blog within a particular topic where your expertise lies.

but to their specific order.

6. Explain How You’ll Promote the Blog Post

Explain to the owner of the blog how you’ll promote the blog post that you simply write to your audience too. 

which will bring more visitors to their site since you share a standard audience .

7. Supply Images

In addition to a blog post, tell them you’ll supply original images. Not just stock photos which will or might not be legal to use.

but images that you simply have made or make yourself only for the post.

8. Offer an Affiliate Program to Them

Most bloggers who take guest blog posts also offer a biographical box at the top of the blog post where you’ll post a link to your website or sales page. Offer that the link are often an affiliate link where appropriate.

Finally, allow them to know that you simply will follow up with every discuss the blog post, and still sell for a selected period of your time . If you follow through with everything you say, it’s quite likely they’ll ask you to guest blog again and again.

guest post on blogs

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Should You Add A Blog To Your Podcast Website?

Podcasting is one among the simplest tools for sharing your passion and expertise online. freed from traditional radio’s restrictions.

you’re limited only by your imagination in terms of format, content, and length.

Podcasts may have started of as “the poor man’s radio program,” but that’s not the case! Podcasts also are hugely fashionable audiences and that they are almost a requirement for entrepreneurs trying to create a following today.

But as effective as podcasts are, we still see many of us just posting an episode and leaving it at that! it’s a necessity that you simply attempt to be as engaging as possible on your podcast website to succeed in as many as people as possible with the content.

Show Notes

When deciding what written content to feature to your podcast, first understand the difference between a blog post and show notes. Show notes simply summarize a podcast’s content and supply links to products, guests’ websites, or the other resource mentioned within the episode. Essentially, it allows listeners to continue their research by following abreast of the podcast. It also can lead listeners to your podcast through SEO.

Without a minimum of a show notes page, anything the listener is supposed to require faraway from the episode will need to be either remembered or written down. This violates a fundamentals of business: not throwing up unnecessary obstacles between the customer and therefore the product. With a show notes page, following a link is as simple as clicking, instead of having to recall and enter an internet address (and without having to waste “air” time reading out and spelling links and coupon codes).

guest post on blogs

On top of that, having to go to your page for a link means the customer is visiting your page, albeit it’s only to seek out something else. therein moment, you’ve got the chance to advertise, invite them to hitch your list , and usually make a greater impact.


Professional writers know that writing about something is that the best thanks to perfect their understanding of it, and great bloggers know that a running “conversation” with an audience still depends largely on use of the word . A podcast or video are often spontaneous and incredibly humanizing, an excellent thanks to make your audience desire they know you. A blog, on the opposite hand, allows you to showcase sheer authority.

Setting words down on paper (or on WordPress) is that the ultimate commitment to your message, going back to when the word was the sole thanks to preserve and transfer information with accuracy. albeit a podcast is simply as permanent as a blog, the word still carries that extra gravitas that distinguishes an expert. If nothing else, good writing displays the type of thoughtfulness that separates real passion from simple salesmanship.

By having a blog as part of your website, with links to your podcast (and a link on your podcast site to your blog), you will generate those coveted SEO algorithm back-links!

You accomplish the best of all three worlds:

1. You are engaging listeners via audio on the podcast.

2. You are engaging readers and followers on your website.

3. You are activating additional SEO algorithm’s that will help to get your show rated higher in search engines!

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